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Detecting Turnarounds in Sentiment Analysis: Thwarting

Ankit Ramteke, Akshat Malu, Pushpak Bhattacharyya and Saketha Nath

The 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics - Short Papers (ACL Short Papers 2013)
Sofia, Bulgaria, August 4-9, 2013


Thwarting and sarcasm are two uncharted territories in sentiment analysis, the former because of the lack of training corpora and the latter because of the enormous amount of world knowledge it demands. In this paper, we propose a working definition of thwarting amenable to machine learning and create a system that detects if the document is thwarted or not. We focus on identifying thwarting in product reviews, especially in the camera domain. An ontology of the camera domain is created. Thwarting is looked upon as the phenomenon of polarity reversal at a higher level of ontology compared to the polarity expressed at the lower level. This notion of thwarting defined with respect to an ontology is novel, to the best of our knowledge. A rule based implementation building upon this idea forms our baseline. We show that machine learning with annotated corpora (thwarted/non-thwarted) is more effective than the rule based system. Because of the skewed distribution of thwarting, we adopt the Area-under-the-Curve measure of performance. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt at the difficult problem of thwarting detection, which we hope will at least provide a baseline system to compare against.

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