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Improved Lexical Acquisition through DPP-based Verb Clustering

Roi Reichart and Anna Korhonen

The 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2013)
Sofia, Bulgaria, August 4-9, 2013


Subcategorization frames (SCFs), selectional preferences (SPs) and verb classes capture related aspects of the predicate argument structure. We present the first unified framework for unsupervised learning of these three types of information. We show how to utilize Determinantal Point Processes (DPPs), elegant probabilistic models that are defined over the possible subsets of a given dataset and give higher probability mass to high quality and diverse subsets, for clustering. Our novel clustering algorithm constructs a joint SCF-DPP DPP kernel matrix and utilizes the efficient sampling algorithms of DPPs to cluster together verbs with similar SCFs and SPs. We evaluate the induced clusters in the context of the three tasks and show results that are superior to strong baselines for each.

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