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Learning a Phrase-based Translation Model from Monolingual Data with Application to Domain Adaptation

Jiajun Zhang and Chengqing Zong

The 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2013)
Sofia, Bulgaria, August 4-9, 2013


Currently, almost all of the statistical machine translation (SMT) models are trained with the parallel corpora in some specific domains. However, when it comes to a language pair or a different domain without any bilingual resources, the traditional SMT loses its power. Recently, some research works study the unsupervised SMT for inducing a simple word-based translation model from the monolingual corpora. It successfully bypasses the constraint of bitext for SMT and obtains a relatively promising result. In this paper, we take a step forward and propose a simple but effective method to induce a phrase-based model from the monolingual corpora given an automatically-induced translation lexicon or a manually-edited translation dictionary. We apply our method for the domain adaptation task and the extensive experiments show that our proposed method can substantially improve the translation quality.

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